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Getting to know yourself better so that you can take your rightful place

​The 11 keys to a successful expatriation

The 11 keys to a successful expatriation

and how to get through all the stages of this new season of life

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A guide to solid

The aim of this guide is to provide you with food for thought, tools and practical steps to boost your self-esteem and regain your self-confidence.

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What is Dessine ta vie Coaching experience?

I created "Dessine ta vie Coaching" to offer support to people living abroad, whether they speak French, English or German.

Expatriation means adapting to change.

As a certified professional coach, I work with spouses of expatriates and their families, either by teleconference or face-to-face.


Using a method based on my coaching skills and my experience of expatriate life, I guide you to regain your confidence in your ability to manage this new life.



I'll help you to get to know yourself better so that you can fulfil your potential and find your rightful place

wherever you live

Beyond your borders programmes

For expat spouses

An expatriate spouse ready to take off for her new life

Ready for my expatriation


If you're preparing to move abroad and would like to feel confident in your ability to manage this new life and adapt to this change, then the Ready for my expatriation programme is for you.

A board with the words Live, laugh love

Love, live & laugh mon expatriation


You've been unpacking your boxes in your new home for some time now and you'd like to build your own project independently of your partner's career so that you can finally fulfil your potential. Then the Love, live & laugh mon expatriation programme is for you.

A buoy with Welcome House written on it

Welcome back Home

You're getting ready to return to your country of origin and you want to prepare for your return without apprehension and with confidence in your ability to manage this new change in your life.

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Skills assessment

The Coherence Method


The Coherence Method is much more than a skills assessment!

It's a life assessment: 360° support at both professional and personal levels.


Our mission is to realign our customers with :

  • who they really are

  • their values

  • and their professional raison d'être

in order to achieve overall life fulfilment.

Nova Global Profile - logo

Profil Nova

Getting to know you better

It is a highly relevant Canadian psychometric tool for better understanding oneself and others. Its use improves self-knowledge and relationships with those around us, and strengthens leadership capacity, while contributing to personal development and general progress within a company.

A young man who's happy because he's got his feet firmly on the ground

Happy about yourself

Coaching for young people


Let's navigate together through the challenges of guidance, study and working life. At each session, I personalise the coaching by exploring motivational profiles, defining concrete goals and overcoming obstacles to cultivate lasting confidence. I flexibly adapt the modules to meet your individual needs, creating an engaging partnership that lights the way to your personal and professional success.

"Revealing potential"

Whether you're preparing to move abroad or you're already living in your new country, it's not just a move that you're going through, it's also a challenge that you're experiencing.

Join me in discovering a new method for gaining confidence in your ability to manage this new life and adapt to this change.

Le rêve que vous souhaitez atteindre
Expatriation is an exciting adventure
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abstrait arrière-plan
Cécile Solar - Certified international mobility coach and coach for young people
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Let's draw your life!

"If you want to go fast, walk alone;

but if you want to go far, walk together".

African proverb

When I look back on my professional life, I notice that my common thread has always been "shining a light on others". Today, I'm still committed to helping you dare to shine and find your rightful place with confidence and serenity. I'll guide you to unlock all the potential of your expatriation.

My coaching skills, combined with my knowledge and experience of expatriation, enable me to help you avoid mistakes, prepare you mentally and emotionally for this change and help you realise your full potential, wherever you choose to live.

I work in French, German and English.

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Check out my regular inspirations for expats, parents and young people!

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Recommended by ...

They put their trust in me and we've come a long way together!

Hipster student client coach

A. Student

21 years old

Managing your emotions

"I've always had trouble managing my emotions. They've always tended to be very strong and to come out at times and in ways that didn't always suit me. I felt a bit lost in my own head. I knew I wanted to do something, to change things, but I didn't know how or where to go about it. Coaching helped me to find my own answers and solutions. I now feel much better able to manage my emotions, and I feel much more confident with who I am. I am now. To my great surprise, I learned that I had all the keys within me. This coaching helped me enormously, but it didn't give me a recipe for happiness or a magic formula. It simply revealed to me everything that was already there, right in front of my eyes. I was much more able to distance myself from situations. Cécile has a way of combining the rational and the emotional that I really liked. She helped me to understand a lot of things because she said them in a simple and concise way. It felt like a big tidy-up. Her encouragement during our sessions really helped me to believe in myself and my abilities.

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