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Expatriation is an opportunity to live life to the full, but also to face new challenges!

Partir vivre à l'étranger  sortir de sa zone de confort en expatriation
Partir vivre à l'étranger

Do foreign countries appeal to you?

Are you enthusiastic about experiencing a new life?

And you feel ready to leave?

However, you're going to have to face up to a number of difficulties, such as learning a language that you may not yet be familiar with, finding a permanent job, making contacts and fitting into a culture whose foundations may still be unclear at the moment.

In short, this move to another country is an opportunity to take on certain challenges that will, in a way, push you out of your comfortzone...

It's natural to be afraid of leaving your usual comfort zone...

We all have a cocoon in which we feel comfortable.

It's a kind of comfort zone that we've built up over the years, and which includes our professional and personal habits, the fact that we socialise with people we know well, that we move around in places we like, that we react calmly to certain situations because we know the local culture...

In short, we are confronted with a daily life in which we never feel lost...

However, leaving to live abroad will almost inevitably generate a kind of inner tension in the face of the unknown.

Sometimes complicated questions spring to mind, such as: will I be able to find a job that pays well enough, will I be able to make a new circle of friends, or will I be able to adapt to a culture that is sometimes very different from my own?

Don't worry: it's legitimate to have a lot of questions when you're changing the usual foundations of your life.

It's perfectly normal!

On the other hand, it' s important not to get hung up on them, otherwise the expatriation will be particularly difficult.

It's not a good idea to start preparing for life in a new country while constantly asking yourself "am I making a mistake? or "will my relationship or my family withstand this change?

My advice is to take the time to ask yourself legitimate questions and write them down.

For each question, you can start to write down the concrete answers that come to you.

  • These can come from what you've read, but also from discussions you've had with people who have already experienced expatriation.

  • You can get information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Thanks to the Internet, you can even get in touch with the inhabitants of your adopted country to talk to them and familiarise yourself with the local atmosphere and culture.

The more carefully and in advance you prepare for this change of life, the easier it will be to adapt when you settle in your new country.

L'expatriation c'est sauter dans l'inconnu mais on peut quand même se préparer
L'expatriation c'est sauter dans l'inconnu

Make expatriation a real opportunity for yourself!

If you approach expatriation as a positive experience of change that will enable you to overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone, you are putting all the chances on your side to ensure that your move to the host country goes as smoothly as possible.

The fact of changing your habits and living in a foreign country allows you to broaden your thinking and rethink the certainties you had about the art of managing your life well.

We can also understand that expatriation will be a unique opportunity to get to know yourself in depth thanks to confrontation with a new environment.

Indeed, by taking on challenges and getting out of your comfort zone, both in terms of life reflexes and the thoughts that structure your mind, you learn a lot about yourself!

Preparing for your expatriation will be an opportunity to rethink much of what you thought was 'eternal', such as asking yourself what is really necessary to my existence:

  • Is it the people I meet, my job, my home, the places I love or even my car or my daily food?

  • Is it the fact that I make the same journey to work every day that makes me feel secure?

  • Do I really need all my clothes or my subscriptions to various streaming services?

The aim of this questioning is to be clear about what makes me really comfortable and what, potentially, could lead to existential difficulties.The aim is to take stock before the actual expatriation, to iron out as many problems as possible.

This change of life should be a joy and not a source of insurmountable anxiety!

That's why I encourage you to gather as much information as possible about the country, its people, customs and ways of life.

  • Start by finding out about the employment situation and where to apply.

  • Find out about the different housing options available so that you have a very precise idea of the property situation.

  • Gather information about the leisure activities you could enjoy once you're settled there, either on your own or with your family...

By doing this, you'll feel more and more confident.

Managing stress and fear of the unknown...

Don't reject the anxiety you feel today, because it's normal.

If you don't accept it, it will only grow!

Prepare yourself consciously to face the challenges ahead in a positive way: the more you anticipate, the more serenity you'll feel. Why fear the worst?

Try to visualise your new life with an inner smile: imagine meeting nice people, living happily by adopting new ways of thinking and developing habits you didn't know you had...

And if your fears persist, turn to exercise, meditation or yoga.

This will help you tofeel more serene and to see this expatriation as a real opportunity for you and those who will be accompanying you.

As you know, it's the way we look at things that really counts, and not the things themselves.

Going abroad can be one of the most beautiful periods of your life if you are prepared to abandon your usual reflexes and leave your comfort zone.

Experiencing something new is an opportunity to bring creativity into your life and, for example, to never be bored again or to ask yourself questions about the meaning of life.

By being fulfilled on a daily basis or, on the contrary, by overcoming the difficulties that expatriate life can bring, you will be happy and often proud of yourself.

In this sense, expatriation can be a real opportunity to get to know yourself and to change the way you look at the world for the better.

Changing your life to go further...

Yes, let's face it, moving abroad means having to rethink the way you organise your life and often look at life differently.

But if you've prepared well for your expatriation, and have already thought about the right reflexes to adopt, this change will be much easier to live with!

  • For example, try to get to know the locals as quickly as possible, and encourage plenty of interaction with them.

  • Visit iconic places, but also immerse yourself in the local culture.

  • Cultivate a spirit of discovery and curiosity: in this way, life in the new country will be perceived as much more interesting and instructive.

The fact that you will have to learn new habits will be seen as an asset and will generate a lot of enthusiasm !

But this journey will never be in vain: each time you overcome a challenge, each time you find a solution to a problem, you'll feel taller and enjoy getting out of that comfort zone that previously tended to close you off...

In the same way, if you happen to make mistakes or encounter setbacks, you'll develop the ability to change direction and not remain frustrated or despondent.

In a foreign country, you'll have the experience of relying on yourself and relying on strengths that perhaps you didn't think you possessed.

That's why the most important thing is not to give up, but to see this incredible experience of expatriation through to the end, so that you can develop the power of action and reflection that will serve you for the rest of your life.

In conclusion...

You've understood that it's above all a positive state of mind that should guide you during the time you spend settling in this country that you've come to dream about so much.

There will be many challenges to overcome if you are to integrate successfully: it's a real opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and draw on the real qualities of the person you are.

This experience, even if it can sometimes be painful, will in any case be an opportunity to grow and reveal yourself to yourself.

In this sense, expatriation could almost be described as an initiation, as it will enable you to get to know yourself better and to bring out the qualities you possessed without always being aware of them!


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