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Getting to know yourself better as a teenager to feel good
about yourself

les jambes en l'air
abstrait arrière-plan

Happy about yourself

Personalised support for :

  • young people aged 12 to 25

  • living in France, Germany or abroad

  • unlocking talent, revealing potential and building a meaningful life


For ease of reading and without discrimination, this site uses the masculine form to refer to both men and women.

abstrait arrière-plan

Welcome to the world of coaching for dynamic young people, involved parents and teenagers looking for clarity and inspiration!

I'm here for you, whether you're currently at collège, lycée, in the midst of your higher education studies, or already engaged in the whirlwind of professional life. I understand the challenges you face, I feel them, and I'm ready to help you turn them into opportunities for personal and professional fulfilment.

I invite you to navigate through the maze of guidance together, to explore higher education with confidence and to develop your own personal and effective learning strategies. I'll be at your side to untangle your emotions, instil confidence and rekindle the flame of your motivation to carve out a path to academic and professional success.

abstrait arrière-plan

What coaching can do for you

A group of happy, smiling young people
  • increase your learning capacity;

  • learn to manage your emotions and stress better;

  • find or rediscover your motivation;

  • develop your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem;

  • communicate better with others and make yourself understood;

  • get to know yourself better and become more independent;

  • choose your direction or reorientation, your studies, your career.

Contrary to what our education has taught us, the best results are obtained by seeking excellence in strengths rather than trying to improve weaknesses.
By creating a climate of trust, I help young people to discover their hidden treasures, such as their talents, values, emotions and motivations...

Because at the heart of everything, you need to get to know yourself better so that you can draw on your own resources to build and design the life you want.

The coaching I offer isn't just a solution, it's an adventure. It's a partnership where "I" am there every step of the way, to inspire, guide and support you as you realise your dreams. Let me accompany you on this exciting journey of self-discovery, personal fulfilment and professional success.

Don't let the questions overwhelm you, let's turn them into opportunities.



Are you ready to discuss your situation or your concerns, so that I can guide you towards the support that suits you best?

abstrait arrière-plan

Motivation coaching

  • This coaching enables you to

  • explore your motivational profile by discovering your sources of enthusiasm.

  • set precise, concrete objectives while working on your values and quest for meaning.

  • identify, understand and overcome the main obstacles to your motivation.

  • Strengthen your self-confidence and your ability to take action at the same time.

  • bring out your motivation by exploring your strengths and talents.

  • consolidate your personal confidence.

Emotional coaching

This support enables you to leave with the tools to :

  • express your emotions

  • rediscover your serenity

  • understand the mechanisms of stress

  • manage stressful situations

  • learn to relax and refocus

Career coaching 

This support includes :

  • an in-depth assessment of your personality (discovering your talents, passions and values to better understand what makes you unique).

  • defining criteria for choosing a career that suits you.

  • Exploring various careers, comparing them with the realities of the workplace and identifying any obstacles.

  • Choosing one or more career paths and the associated courses of study.

  • Build a solid career plan, defining the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Academic coaching

The aim of this pedagogical and organisational support is to

  • get to know your learning profile

  • discover your learning and organisational methods

  • learn how to manage your time

Self-confidence coaching

This support will give you the tools you need to :

  • assert your identity

  • discover your talents

  • learn how to boost your self-esteem

  • take action to help you develop your self-confidence


Digital addiction coaching

The aim of this support is to enable you to :

  • understand how addiction works and its impact

  • discover your level of connection

  • analyse the causes and consequences of your hyper-connection

  • define your action plan and the tools you need to learn how to disconnect

  • learn how to reconnect to yourself, to others and to the world

  • learn to set yourself the necessary limits so that you can only use the benefits of technology

The modules are not rigid, and each coaching session is entirely personalised, offering the flexibility to explore different types of coaching over the course of the sessions, in order to make progress towards the defined objective.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad isn't just about adding an international flavour to your CV; it's a transformative journey that opens doors to countless possibilities.

🎧 In this series, Catherine Chabin and I dive into the details of studying abroad, from pre-bac to post-bac, and even into postgraduate study. We tackle the challenges, illuminate the diverse opportunities offered by the French system, and share valuable insights into the linguistic, academic, administrative and logistical considerations when building this transformative experience.

Parents, we've thought of you too! Learn effective ways to support your young adventurers in their quest for an education beyond France's borders.

"I've always had trouble managing my emotions. They've always tended to be very strong and to come out at times and in ways that didn't always suit me. I felt a bit lost in my own head. I knew I wanted to do something, to change things, but I didn't know how or where to go about it. Coaching helped me to find my own answers and solutions. I now feel much better able to manage my emotions, and I feel much more confident with who I am. To my great surprise, I learnt that I had all the keys within me. This coaching has helped me enormously, but not by giving me a recipe for happiness or a magic formula. It simply revealed everything that was already there, right in front of my eyes. I now feel much more able to distance myself from situations. Cécile has a way of combining the rational and the emotional that I really liked. She helped me to understand a lot of things because she said them in a simple and concise way. It felt like a big tidy-up. Her encouragement during our sessions really helped me to believe in myself and my abilities.

A. Student. 21 years old.

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