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Get to know yourself better to be where you belong thanks to the Nova profile

Profil Nova Mieux me connaître

Nova Profile - a tool for getting to know yourself better

It is a highly relevant Canadian psychometric tool for better understanding oneself and others. Its use improves self-knowledge and relationships with those around us, and strengthens leadership skills while contributing to personal and professional development.

The Nova profile highlights a person's behavioural preferences, talents, psychological types and motivations.

NOVA DISC profile - language of colours

The DISC theory associated with the language of colours developed by William MARSTON


4 colours that hide a treasure trove of information:

🔵 Blue: task-oriented and analytical

🔴 Red: task-oriented and directive.

🟡 The Yellow: relationship-focused and expressive.

🟢 Green: also relationship-focused but introverted

Understanding your colours means understanding your strengths, weaknesses and how you interact with the world around you.

Nova Profile Motivations

Motivations according to



Human motivations drive us and guide our actions, giving meaning to our existence.



The Nova Profile questionnaire explores the 6 deep-rooted motivations to help you understand what drives you and your colleagues.

Natural VS Adapted Nova Profile

Natural VS Adapted


Your Natural style is the way you behave when you're yourself, without artifice or pressure. It's who you are deep down, and it rarely changes.

Your Adapted style, on the other hand, is what you choose to show the world in response to your environment. It's your "public self," the way you present yourself socially.

The difference between these two styles can teach you a great deal about yourself, both personally and professionally.

Who can take the Profil Nova test?

Anyone over the age of 16 can take the NOVA © profile. Before this age, the personality is not yet sufficiently formed for the profile to be representative.

The NOVA profile will be a solid support if you:

abstrait arrière-plan

are curious about how you interact with others and with your environment, and about your motivations


Step 1: The participant completes a short multiple-choice questionnaire, which takes around twenty minutes.

Step 2: The following week, a meeting of 1.5 to 2 hours takes place. We discuss the results together.

Step 3: The participant leaves the session with an exhaustive psychometric report. The conclusions begin to take shape, initiating the transformation process.

Many profiles available

In addition to the classic personal profile, you can choose as an option during the preliminary interview whether you would also like to receive the Leadership, Job, Team or Sales profile.

Multilingual test

The Profil Nova questionnaire can be completed in a number of languages, including French, English and German.

A unique gift for yourself

If you would like more information,

please contact me today.

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