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Find your own way

Full personalised support to help you find your place with confidence, awareness and serenity.

Whether you're at secondary school, already in higher education or in your professional life

For ease of reading and without discrimination, this site uses the masculine form to refer to both men and women.

Get to know yourself better
to find your own way

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For me, it's vital to be yourself

My atypical background has taught me the importance of finding my place. By questioning who I really was, I discovered my uniqueness after peeling off the masks I'd been wearing for so long.

Like many people, I went from being a lost teenager to the fulfilled woman I am today by going through different doors. I've learnt that each stage has been an opportunity to discover myself.


My experience shows that a choice of studies or career at one point in time does not determine an entire life.

From now on, as a coach, my aim is to help each young person to see what drives them deeply, to make conscious choices, and to take each step of their life with confidence.

That's what motivates me every morning. Seeing young people at ease with their life

My coaching is dedicated to helping people find their way.

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Support for :

  • find your place at every stage of your life, because you'll know your strengths, talents and values

  • get to know yourself better and build your self-confidence

  • achieve personal fulfilment by reconnecting with your passions.

  • gain emotional balance

  • find or rediscover your motivation to study

  • overcome your doubts and refine your choices

  • dare to shine in all your uniqueness

  • broaden your horizons by opening up unimagined possibilities

  • take a fresh look at yourself and reflect on and bring to life your career plans

  • get what you really want

At the end of this experience, you'll be able to make your own way with clarity and confidence.

Jeunes activistes
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So put an end to the pressure and stress, welcome serenity and confidence stop the false belief that your current career choice will determine your entire future, and welcome career choices in line with your passion

stop sacrificing your uniqueness to fit in, and welcome everything that makes you unique

Les étudiants qui suivent des examens
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It's for you if :

  • you don't know what you want to do when you grow up,

  • you hesitate, you doubt.

  • you know what you want to do but don't know how to get there.

  • you're stuck at one stage of your career path.

  • you need to get yourself motivated again, find out what your strengths are, regain your self-confidence and be sure of your choices.


  • As a parent

  • you're not sure your child is making the right choice.

  • you think he has undetected potential.

  • you want a relaxed relationship with your teenager.

  • you want to feel more confident about your child's future.

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The programme includes

1. Self-knowledge

To know where to go, you first need to know who you are. You'll explore your potential and discover the talents, strengths, qualities, values and skills that make you unique. You'll know what motivates you deeply.

3. Exploring training courses

By identifying your strengths and taking your obstacles into account, you'll be able to build a coherent, motivating project with confidence.

I can provide you with resources for studying in France, Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.

5. Bonus: Your Nova profile

This is the perfect psychometric tool for getting to know yourself better. Thanks to 1h30 of debriefing and a report that will be given to you afterwards, you will discover your behavioural preferences, your talents, your psychological types and your motivations. To find out more, click here.

2. Exploring the world of work

By projecting yourself into the future, you'll be able to identify the opportunities open to you. Working alongside you, I'll help you to define the sectors, branches and areas of study that interest you. During this phase, you'll gain a better understanding of working environments and discover possible careers.

4. Bonus: Parcoursup & Co.

I provide targeted help and advice for teenagers with their application files, such as writing up their educational plans, but I don't write them up for them. Students therefore have to do their own thinking and writing between sessions.

Find your own way is ...

  • 6 sessions of intense, transformative coaching

  • A programme that gives you concrete, lasting results

  • A 1-hour session every 2 weeks

  • Each session is tailored to your goals to help you overcome obstacles and build lasting confidence.

  • We'll stay in touch via WhatsApp or email. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Coaching takes place via video-conference or face-to-face if in the Cologne, Düsseldorf or Bonn area.

  • Recordings of your sessions if you wish

  • a personal, collaborative mind map to record all your discoveries and actions

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Book your place

If you are in a difficult financial situation, please contact me as I don't want this to be an obstacle to your change or that of your teenager or young adult. We'll discuss possible payment arrangements

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abstrait arrière-plan
abstrait arrière-plan
Our teenager needed to get to know himself better, to ask himself the right questions and to make an informed choice about higher education without stress. Thanks to Cécile's sympathetic listening, he was able to talk without fear of being judged. Thanks to this support, William was encouraged to communicate, to mobilise his resources and the relationships around him. Cecile was able to make him more responsible for his choices.

A. mum of William aged 17

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Why choose this type of support
rather than another?

Because with Find your own way, you'll be able to highlight your talents and other skills

Because with Find your own way you'll bring out your hidden treasures and explore the potential that's open to you

Because with Find your own way, you'll learn to spread your wings and take flight towards a fulfilling adult life.

Why trust me?

abstrait arrière-plan

Cécile Solar

I'm a certified professional coach, I've been an expatriate for 17 years, I'm a mother and I've changed careers. I'm passionate about helping every member of expatriate families to make their expatriate life a happy and enriching adventure. After a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I came across coaching and the positive results it brought motivated me to become an expatriate coach myself. Thanks to coaching, I've already been able to help a number of men and women and young people to overcome their challenges, manage their emotions or live through certain transitions with serenity.


What drives me is to help young people and expatriate spouses to achieve fulfilment and success. My caring and personalised approach ensures a unique path for each individual.



As the mother of teenagers living in an international environment, I'm well aware of the difficulties that parents face at this stage of choosing higher education. Living in an intercultural environment, I'm particularly familiar with the atypical profiles of young French speakers living abroad.

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Cécile Solar Coach professionnelle certifiée
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Got a question? Here's the answer!

Is it for you? Is it for my child?

Whether you're at college, already in higher education or at the start of your professional life in France or abroad, the Make Your Own Way programme will be perfectly tailored to your individual goals.

How can I be sure that I'm going to achieve the higher education I want?

You'll be guided, supported and motivated throughout. There's no chance of you losing your way. If you decide to trust yourself and are determined to succeed, then yes, you will overcome all the obstacles to achieve your dreams. You're making a commitment to yourself, and success depends on you.



As a certified professional coach, I am not bound by results, but only by guiding you correctly.

I'm afraid to choose. I need support. Can the "trace your path" programme help me?

I like to say that choosing doesn't mean giving up, but preferring something at a given moment. Trace your path will teach you to know yourself better so that you can make informed and motivated decisions. You'll learn to trust yourself and choose consciously.

What happens during a coaching session?

A coaching session is an interlude, a step aside that you take to reveal yourself, unblock situations or doubts and, above all, to gain new insights.

Each week, we'll get together to discuss a key career theme, celebrate your pride and take stock of your progress between sessions.

All our coaching takes place in a spirit of caring, listening, trust and confidentiality. Anything you tell me will remain between us.


When do the sessions take place? How long do they last?

Sessions last about 1 hour. At our 1st appointment, we'll set a timetable for the following sessions

What are the differences between a guidance coach and a guidance counsellor?

What is a guidance counsellor?

A School Guidance Counsellor or Psychologist (COP) works with the French Ministry of Education, helping young people to plan their educational and career path. He or she provides information on courses of study and schools and identifies the studies needed for specific professions, carrying out guidance assessments based on school records.

What is a Youth Coach?

A Youth Coach focuses on personal development, guiding young people from their current situation (point A) to their future goals (point B). It focuses on self-knowledge, helping young people to exploit their potential, understand their obstacles and boost their motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. The coach mobilises the coachee in their career plan by helping them to get to know and like themselves better.


Guidance counsellor vs. coach: when should you consult them?

It's not a question of choosing between a guidance counsellor and a coach, but of determining when to consult them. A guidance counsellor specialises in technical guidance strategy, while a coach is a personal adviser. They have distinct and complementary objectives. A young person may start by consulting a coach to understand their aspirations, then meet a guidance counsellor for technical information on the various study options available.

Combining skills:

The guidance counsellor works mainly with secondary school pupils, while the coach accompanies a variety of young people, including those at university or at the grandes écoles. Using one or the other, or even both, is not a clear-cut choice. It is possible to make the most of each person's skills to build a tailor-made academic and career path. The ultimate goal is to find your own path and enjoy your first job!

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be delighted to answer you

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