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Get to know yourself better so that you can find your rightful place thanks to a
expatriation coach & youth coach

Abstract Background
Cécile Solar - certified professional coach for expatriates and young people
Abstract Background

My story

After years working in the cultural and communications fields, then in the education and student life department of a major French local authority, I started to look for myself and asked myself a lot of questions.

By force of circumstance, I left my comfort zone and discovered expatriation.

I now live in Germany with my husband and two children. I'm now in harmony with myself because I've found meaning in my professional life by becoming a certified coach. I'm committed to being consistent so that my thoughts, words and actions are aligned, nourishing my being with much more energy. A graduate of theGeneva International Coaching Institute

and the Leading Coaching Academy , I'm delighted to be writing a new chapter in my life.



I coach expatriate spouses living in and around Cologne in French, German and English. Or by videoconference wherever you are in the world

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My signature

When I look back on my professional life, I notice that my common thread has always been "shining a light on others". Today, I'm still committed to helping you dare to shine and find your rightful place with confidence and serenity. I'll guide you to reveal all the potential of your expatriation.



Having been immersed in art and culture since childhood, it seems natural to me to use this medium as a coaching tool.

I use art coaching, a combination of coaching and art therapy, as a means of expression to help you express your emotions and achieve your goals.

What's more, in the 17 years I've been living abroad, I've been able to overcome my fears and limiting beliefs, get past the judgement of others... and finally find my rightful place.

This means I can now bring you my coaching skills combined with my knowledge and experience of expatriation.



Because moving abroad is much more than a geographical move: it's an inner transformation, and I'm keen to pass on my skills, my tools and my testimony to all those in search of meaning and congruence.


Affiliated with the International Coaching Federation and in the process of obtaining Coach ACC accreditation, I abide by the Federation's code of ethics.



I'm also a member of the Génération 15-25 association , which aims to promote coaching for young people and professionalise the coaching profession.



Finally, I'm a member of the Experts-Expats network, which brings together over a hundred expatriation experts to help candidates for international mobility to organise and experience each stage of expatriation in zen mode.

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"Dare to become what you are, even if it doesn't conform to what is usually required".


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My values

My dream is to reconnect you with who you really are so that you feel free to be and live as you deeply wish. 

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I want my words, thoughts and actions to be aligned; that feeling of being in the right place.
My inner righteousness is based on values and principles that I like to rely on.
So I use my instinct as my main energy, followed by my mind, which is only there to justify my choices.



For me, respect means living in harmony with oneself and one's environment, and considering one's surroundings as well as nature. It is through unconditional acceptance that we will succeed in building a harmonious world, in which nature is preserved and all people are considered, regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion or their ideological or political affiliation.



By practising gratitude on a daily basis, I've gone from seeing the world as 'not enough' to waking up every morning grateful for being and breathing. I'm confirming what numerous studies in positive psychology have shown: by focusing on the small and large pleasures and joys in life, I'm building a fulfilling life. 

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Beyond fear and violence, there is only love that makes sense. Love for myself and for others, but also for my daily life and its imperfections
brings me happiness and serenity. In my quest to be kind, I try to stand firm at all times.

​Daring to be yourself

Daring to be yourself

I'm keen to emphasise the uniqueness of each individual.
We are all unique and irreplaceable. It's by getting to know myself that I develop a deep energy for what I really want to achieve in life.

Perseverance is one of Cécile Solar's values


My mountain is sometimes very high and my paths are steep, but I know how to be disciplined to achieve my goals. Because "I want to" and not because "I have to"; I'm learning to let go and self-compassion to persevere with gentleness and indulgence. 

abstrait arrière-plan


Would you like to get to know me better and find out more about my approach to coaching and what drives me? 

I invite you to listen to my interview on various radio stations and my collaborations on various podcasts.


En tant d'experte de l'adolescence, je partage mon savoir avec les parents qui constituent la communauté d'AZIMUT Parlons Orientation. J'ai contribué aux contenus : 

  • la place des écrans chez nos ados

  • la procrastination et la gestion des émotions

  • partir étudier à l'étranger

Bonne écoute 

Logo Azimut Podcast.jpg

If you're interested in the subject of screens among teenagers?

Then good news.

I've collaborated on a whole series of episodes on this subject on Azimut Podcast. Each episode lasts between 3 and 4 minutes maximum. So no excuses. Take the time to listen.



And if the written word is still your favourite version, I'd remind you of the report on screens, social networks and teenagers that you can find on the blog.

Cécile Solar Coach professionnelle certifiée
abstrait arrière-plan
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